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      Eagle Eye
Photography LLC

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We can provide crystal clear orthomosaic maps of any location ranging from an acre to an entire state. Imagery can be obtained with resolutions as high as 2cm per pixel using Phase One cameras. 

Aerial Photographer in Cessna Airplane

We airplanes, helicopters, drones and blimps to get you the exact aerial photo perspective you are looking for.  From vertical photos to oblique perspectives, we can do it.

Using our specially modified Cessna aircraft, we can provide 3D maps of virtually any location with resolutions as high as 2 cm per pixel.  With advancements in technology and software, aerial mapping has never been more actuate and affordable.

Our unique aerial video system allowing us to shoot stabilized HD video from our Cessna aircraft.  With a telephoto lens system, we can shoot Hollywood quality aerial video footage for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Our cameras are mounted on a 3 axis gyroscopically stabilized camera system for amazingly smooth video footage, up to 8k resolution. 

We have a databased of over 60,000 aerial photos of various locations around the Midwestern United States.  Many of these historical aerial photos date back to 1989.   Contact us to see if we have a photo on file of your property.

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