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Our sister company Eagle Pods sells airborne camera pods for manned aircraft. Here are the camera pods currently avialable or under development..  Click on each to learn more

Introducing the Falcon-XL aerial methane detector: A simple, easy-to-use methane detection system for fixed-wing aircraft. The Falcon-XL was built to drastically lower the cost of leak surveys for pipeline owners. This system operating on fixed-wing aircraft can be flown for a fraction of the cost of traditional helicopter systems.   The Falcon-XL can be used as part of a pipeline integrity management program to comply with the leak detection requirements of the new DOT and EPA regulations.  It allows existing pipeline patrol aircraft to find gas leaks while on routine patrols.

The Recon-XL camera pod is the ultimate low cost aerial mapping solution. It quickly turns any Cessna like this into an aerial mapping powerhouse. Its a multi pay load solution designed to house a variety of sensors depending on your needs. (including Phase One Cameras).  The system is fully self contained and installs in minutes, requiring no wires to be routed into the cabin.  The Recon-XL allows you to build the system you need to meet the demands of your clients.

The Recon Surveyor camera pod is the ultimate low cost aerial filming solution.  Designed with the end user in mind, it installs in minutes quickly turning any Cessna like this into an aerial filming powerhouse. This 3 axis camera gimbal compensates for micro movements stabilizing at focal lengths greater than 500mm.  Its compatible with camcorders and small DSLR and mirrorless cameras, allowing users the ability to easily swap out cameras and lenses to suit their mission.   The system is wirelessly controlled using and iPad and a Playstation remote control. 

The Recon-OGI is our new gas leak detection camera pod for the oil and gas industry.  This new system uses a highly specialized camera that identifies methane gas leaks in pipelines, allowing operators to pinpoint and visualize hydrocarbon gas leaks invisible to the human eye.  Designed for large-scale pipeline inspections, the footage is geotagged so gas leak locations can easily be logged in post-flight analysis.  

The Recon-DJI is our legacy camera pod, designed around DJI's drone cameras.  A DJI M600 drone is used and repurposed to fit inside the pod, allowing users to use any camera that can be flown on an M600.  Unfortunely, As DJI has abandonment the open architecture of their new drones.  For this reason, the Recon-DJI has been discontinued. 

The Recon-Mini is a self contained, battery powered, wirelessly controlled, strut mounted camera pod for aerial mapping.  This system is designed for smaller aerial mapping operators that only need one DSLR camera for simple orthomosaic maps.  The Recon-Mini is designed to be a lower cost alternative to the Recon-XL. It houses the Canon 5DRS camera along with a geotagging system, a mini PC, wireless mouse and wireless keyboard for full control inflight.   Coming 1st quarter of 2023.

The Recon-OGI-Mini camera pod is designed to see dangerous gas leaks safely from the air for pipeline inspection aircraft.    This multi purpose pod will be mountable on fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.  This is currently under development and is anticipated to be available for sale in  the 1st quarter of 2023.

Introducing the Camera Genie geotagging system.  The Camera Genie is the ultimate low-cost precision geotagging system for manned aircraft aerial mapping missions.  The Camera Genie is a small computer that triggers the camera and logs the camera's location at the exact at the exact instant of exposure.

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